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UPDATE!From today, thanks to our dear friend Iza you can read all the blog posts about food in English!

We are very, very sorry but because of lack of internet connection and time for translation.. And the amount of blog posts we alread have it became neraly impossible to traslate each and every post to English. We will translate the whole blog when we get back to Hungary and we will include tips and -hopefully-useful advices about the places we visited. Until that time the only thing we can suggest is to use Google translator. We are trying to upload as many pictures as we can.

In the mean time, feel free to contact us for a couch on couch surfing:-)

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Many of you asked me to write the blog in English, because you would also like to be a part of our journey. I appologize that it took so long until I get to the point writing this post, but we have very limited time in front of the computer and as we do not have a strict traveling plan we need to organize accomodation, hosts, visits to organizations, and sightseeing options on our way, which already takes lot of time. But from today I promiss you to write -probably most of the time not an exact translation- in English. I hope you will enjoy it.

Just one more thing: writing on a tablet a whole text might cause misstypes, so please forgive for that:-)

You will find the English version below the Hungarian posts or under the pictures. It is because we need to upload each picture one by one and sometimes it takes long. But we hope it won’t be confusing.

Enjoy and feel free to comment any posts!

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