Why foothold stories?

Eden. Australia

We are grateful, that despite our inactivity on the blog, there are still so many of you reading it. So many things happened to us since our last post. We had a few backlogs that we are trying now to make up for, and we also had some requests regarding  what we should post about, what would you like to read about; we are trying to fill in these gaps, and to update our blog with some travelling tips and tricks. Slowly we are starting our preparation for our newest journey (Dóri started learning Spanish in an autodidact way) that is going to be to South America. And what’s the most obvious for all of you is that we have a new look!

The day has come: we named ourselves in the ether, so we can become a “brand”, outstanding and still beloved storytellers.

Or maybe not… 🙂

Still we thought it would be a good idea to upgrade our blog before heading into the new journey, not only because of our followers, but also because we came to love it. We still feel like we are writing everything for ourselves, to keep our memories more vivid, but undoubtedly, it’s of great pleasure and motivating to get all the feedbacks from you, and knowing you are supporting us. So we bought this domain, and now, if you type in a search bar: talpalatnyitortenetek.hu, you’ll stumble upon our renewed blog. We hope you like the design of our blog that we tried to keep simple with Dóri’s modest web-knowledge.  We are thankful to Weiszer Mark for the logo.

We thought about what we should name ourselves, what would it be that best describes us and what we want to share with you. We got many ideas, but in the end Edvárd’s initial proposal was the one: Foothold Stories. Let us explain what is it that we wanted to express by this name, what we mean by it:

The step, understanding everything step by step is “Foothold”. We may walk many kilometers, we are visiting, and visited many cities, but what is lépés_szöveg nélkültruly important is that the bits that we experience are very tiny, just like one step. Quantitatively we could experience more, but qualitatively, this is the amount we can digest, so we can truly understand and live our journey fully, in the present. We want to make the best of every step that we step on the supporting earth, and then connect all these steps in a big story throughout the years. My feet touch the ground, and my soul connects with the world through my feet, our feet are mystique bodyparts, which on one hand support us, our lives, on the other hand each of our organs and nerves connect to them. What the feet understand, the man understands, what the feet touch, we understand with our entire being. The feet carry our story, like a secret parchment paper, that we scribble on since we were born, and our feet are the first ones to encounter the new. We can say that we see, hear, smell first, but we only get closer by our feet, we only understand and melt together with tings only after we step into them, we are, our base is where our feet are. We would like to tell you this kind of tales: the story of our feet, where they have been, which steps they took, what places and people they have encountered, what kinds of dust stuck on them. These are the Foothold Stories.

We tried to make our blog as simple as possible, as we aspire at applying simplicity in as many areas of our lives as possible. We want simplicity to be in our travelling mode, cooking, housekeeping, shopping (buying local, in season products on a little scale, but about this topic in more detail, soon), so much so, that it becomes voluntary in our lives, and we get closer to living simple ( please read Small is Beautiful book). It is not an easy road, and we are still at the beginning, but it is full of joy.

It was important for us to have a symbol, a logo that shows what we are and our journey. We knew for sure that in the center we want the Earth, our little planet, our beloved home. We were also sure that we want to show in our logo the closeness with the nature, and we realized that this world is our planet, and our planet is like a giant tree, which is in our hands to take care of and nurture: with our thoughts, our will, our deeds, our love. It grows out of us, and we are braided into it. But where are we in this whole picture? Dóri és Edvárd?  🙂 Well, we are csaklogóthe moon and the sun J We are the ones that try to look into and throw our light onto everything, even if sometimes only from the distance, day and night. Don’t get scared, we don’t want a pharaoh cult for ourselves. But this is how we feel about ourselves at the moment; this is what makes us whole. We are the light and the shade, we are the day and the night, we are the frame and the content, we are peace, and we are activity. We are these and you are these; within yourselves and within your partners. You are carrying it within yourselves, and when you find your partner you make it bloom, and make the two parts a whole. We would like to show you through our journey the joy and fulfillment that we found in each other and our bond that only gets stronger day in and out. In our experience our lives and understanding ourselves developed to a whole new level since we are not only You and Me, but We.

Love is born in an inside vault, in sadness and overcast, so one and two will become many, said a Hungarian poet…We are on our journey of living and upgrading “Me”, to show it and talk about it to “You”, to melt the “Me” to transform it in an infinite “We”. The same poet said: Doubt gives birth to knowledge, doubt ousts faith. The thought gives birth to doubt, love ousts doubt.

We travel through love, carrying you with us with love, loving the World.

And now, at the end, a little present video for you (we only started filming in Malaysia, but even so, we hope you’ll enjoy it).


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