Who are Edvard and Dora?

We are Edvárd Németh and Dóra Kocsis, an usual, young married couple, who just made up their minds and in 2014 after only seven months of marriage got out into the big world.


This photo was drawn by Bin, our host in Beijing, a few months into our journey. We are very proud of it!

In this post we would like to sum up the background of our journey, why did we start on it, and its main goals both on a spiritual and a geographic level.

Story time:

When Dóri and I first met, we made a decision, that we would be each other’s best travelling partners both on a spiritual journey, and on a journey that we would buy tickets for. This decision eventually led us to getting married.


We had a good and inspiring impact on each other. And we felt something else: the call of the life, the Earth, like duty… In other words, some kind of call to get started and experience the world in real life, not only in books, or just sitting in a Google car. To feel the information in our pores and all of our senses, to make it our own, so that not only our eyes and brain would get new experiences, but all our body would feel the life flowing, playing through it. But this also meant an economic challenge… so we went to Scotland to raise the money that we needed, and through hard work we managed to save up the amount that allowed us to make this trip happen.Viktória

For the other half of the trip we are grateful, thankful, and full of appreciation towards Dóri’s father, Péter, who himself was a great traveler, and we also dedicated this journey to his memory. We know that there wouldn’t have been another thing that he would have supported better than this journey, if he was still among the living.


Another side of the story: Over the thought of getting to know the views, the cities, the people, was the exciting thought of letting ourselves onto the hands of the Almighty, so that He would guide us towards people’s goodness, support us, raise us up… and we got all this, and a whole lot more.

The third side of the story is that we were curious to find out how peoples around the world treat their poor and abandoned peers, what is their relationship with the nature that nurtures them day in day out. We were curious about all this because in our five years span past coming home we have the plan of creating a center for disadvantaged children, where we would get them in, and teach them about how to build their lives up independently while being in harmony with all the other creations of God; all these while focusing on sustainable development and ecological methods for creating this kind of life style.

couch surfing

Our plan was to spend as much time as possible with the locals, that’s why we will mainly tried to find accommodation at our friends or through Couch Surfing, so that we could spend time with our hosts. If you would like us to be your hosts, feel free to text us on Couch Surfing. Our profile can be found on the following link: https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/doraandedvard

As 365 days couldn’t be planed to always be with an acquaintance, the next step was AirBnB, and only as a last solution did we decide over a hotel or a motel. There were times when we didn’t know where were we going to spend the night; sometimes this was exciting, other times it was tough.

Now let’s talk about our route as many of you asked if we could create a map with our detailed travel plans:

utiterv terkep

On Australia centered map 🙂Doc1-page-001 (1)

Our road trip in the US:


This is our story. Our feet step on the dusty paths together. This is the beginning of our Foothold story.

A video for our our motto: to walk the world and to get to know it within ourselves, and within each other.


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