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  1. Elsa Sackett
    2020.07.08. @ 18:00

    Hello from your CS Elsa! My boyfriend just found this entry searching my face on a new search engine and it brought back great memories of hosting you and playing with maya the foster dog together. I still have the bookmark you left me ?. Hope you are both doing well in these strange times. Xx


      2020.07.11. @ 05:49

      Wow! What amazing it is to read your comment on our blog! That’s why it is totally worth to write it! We hope you don’t mind seeing your face on our blog. We have so nice memmories from the time spent at your place. Inspired by the foster system we are offering our „service” to our friends’ dogs and soon we are moving to a house where we would like to become official dog foster parents. We also hope that you are doing well. The situation virus-vise is mutch better here. We don’t know when can we travel again. Do you still live in New Orleans? And we still remember the scout cookies that we could only taste at your place! Thanks a lot for reminding us for the great memmories.


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